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Monday, September 10, 2007

Authors of "Christians Misunderstand ... Evolution According to ChristiaNet.com Poll" and ChristiaNet.com Poll Misunderstand Evolution

According to this article, it is important for Christians to learn the difference between micro and macro evolution. Of course, the better one understands evolution, the less meaningful the distinction becomes. Like distinguishing between a "creek" and a "river", the distinction seems clear at the extremes, but when you look for the line that separates the two, you realize that it's not a matter of a fuzzy line, but rather a line that truly doesn't exist, and in order to be precise we need a richer technical vocabulary, which involves actually studying the subject -- uh-oh.

Of course, what's really going on here is an attempt to inoculate people against science education. It isn't about facts at all, but rhetorical devices. And following the rules of science is completely out of the question!

Tune in next time when I explain how the simple expression z2 + c generates the infinite variety of the Mandelbrot set and what this means for the argument that "simple things cannot generate complex things" -- and other one-liners from the anti-science folks.

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