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Thursday, October 1, 2009

An Apology on Behalf of Grayson

Republicans are calling for Democratic representative Alan Grayson to apologize for citing reseach by a Harvard scientist that unfairly exposes the depth of their bloodlust and the degree to which they will sacrifice the health, security, and quality of life for the general population for a little extra cash with which to go whoring.

It's an outrage, and it's part of a pattern that goes beyond Grayson. Democrats have taken to unfairly citing data when it's clear that the data are so blatantly and unfairly skewed. The data almost universally favor the progressive position on this, leaving the right only the tactics of distortion and fear mongering.

On behalf of progressives, I apologize for the data. But I also call on the data itself to change. After all, isn't the data really to blame here? It's time for the data to be more balanced to allow anti-progress ideologues the option to make rational arguments in support of their position should they wish to do so.

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